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Why Teams with Covid Issues Should NOT Be Forced to Forfeit

Okie State fan George McCormick published an article on HCS last week arguing that teams who have COVID-19 issues should be forced to forfeit games if they cannot play on game day. His primary reasoning is that it's not fair to the teams who are controlling the Rona to spend a week prepping for a game only to have it rescheduled at the last minute. I understand McCormick's frustration, particularly coming off a bye week. I mean, your team is ready to play, you're excited to see some football, and then boom -- the other team backs out. It sucks. But here's why Baylor and other teams with Covid issues should not be forced to forfeit:

1. That would only mean fewer games. While it bites that the game had to be rescheduled, a game in December is better than no game.

2. Fewer games would mean slimmer playoff/bowl resumes. If you're an OK-State fan, at this point you want the Pokes to get every possible opportunity to make a case for the playoffs. One less game would put OSU at a disadvantage against some conferences while giving up some of its advantage against the Pac 12.

3. Your team may be next. While Baylor is the only team to have to reschedule a conference game so far, who knows if other teams will have the same fate despite doing their best to keep the problem under control. K-State just barely made the threshold to play games against Arkansas State and Oklahoma. KU's head coach caught the Rona. And as we move into the flu season, the chaos is likely to deepen.

However, while I think the above three points are great reasons to give teams every opportunity to play, at some point, there might need to be a cut-off. We obviously can't reschedule the whole season.

Here's hoping everyone is ready to go this Saturday because there are some great games on the slate, and I expect at least one upset.

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