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Will Steve Prohm get fired?

Will Steve Prohm be fired?

Iowa State just went 0-18 in Big 12 play:

I think Steve Prohm cares about this program, but I have NO idea how he keeps his job after he goes 0-18 considering where the program was when he took over.

How could he possibly keep it?

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Joe Mathieu

I ultimately think he will get fired, and if the Cyclones are going to make a move they should do it shortly after the Big 12 Tournament ends. There's no need to wait. Iowa State has a standard. It's not a 'Kansas' standard, but they're proud of that program and Prohm just hasn't given them the long-term success they were hoping for post-Hoiberg. If they keep him, it's all about the $5 million buyout and the optics of firing a coach during a pandemic (and those optics are different for Iowa State basketball than it is for Texas football, which did fire Tom Herman during a pandemic).

As for Prohm's job status, he told the Des Moines Register 'I don't know.' That's not a good sign.

Report: Steve Prohm Says ‘I Don’t Know’ About Job Status

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