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Will there be NCAA Tournament games?

With all the latest fan restrictions and NBA games/season canceled I worry that the NCAA tournament will be canceled. The Big 12 this year has 2 serious contenders to win it all and I think it might never even happen. Even if it does have some early games it will most likely not finish because I don't see the situation getting better by April. Please tell me I'm wrong!!!

I can't believe we won't have the BIG DANCE... I originally felt like it was an overreaction if they were to do this, but I understand it to not overwhelm our healthcare system. It still just absolutely sucks as it's my favorite time of the year, especially the first weekend. And the fact that they cancelled and did not suspend must mean there was not way to logistically work it out to do it again in a month if things calm down.

Onto spring football i guess???

I bet the spring games wont have fans even if the game is played. I worry that we might not even have football games this year also. Covid-19 could come back in the fall and suspend all the fall sports too. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! A possible year without sports?????? This event could destroy ESPN+ and/or this website/forum/podcast/...

Yea if there is no college football we are F**KED !!! BUT ESPN IS MORE SO! Seriously, this sucks. What the hell is everyone doing this weekend? lol.

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