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Would you want Nebraska back in the BIG 12?

Would you welcome Nebraska back to the BIG 12?

I genuinely don't understand BIG 12 fans who would NOT want the Nebraska Cornhuskers back in the Big 12 Conference. Sure, it's lame how they left -- but I think their brand back in the conference would be great for the BIG 12, would bring back fun rivalries with K-State, Iowa State, OU and Texas. I would welcome them back in a heart beat. You with me? Or tell me why I'm wrong.

I agree Mr. Mundo of everything you say.  Not only would I accept Nebraska, but Missouri as well since they were charter members of what eventually became the Big 8 conference.  To add to my regional dream league, I would heavily court Arkansas, and wish WVU the best of luck back east.  Big XII-North:  NU, K-State, KU, MU, Arkansas and ISU.  Big XII- South: the Oklahoma and Texas teams.

Clearly wishful thinking on my part.  NU and Arkansas relocated to their present conferences for good reasons called UT.

We Don’t See Things As They Are, We See Them As We Are - Anaïs Nin

The problem is if we add Nebraska then we need to at least one other team. Do we want 10, 12, 14, or 16 teams? At 12 teams a full conference schedule would be 11 game and not leave more than 1 opening for a non con game. 14 or 16 team conference would necessitate divisions and all the chest beating the big 12 has done lately about the strength of a True champion in a round robin schedule is lost. If Nebraska comes back who else do we add?

At 12 teams, we go back to divisional play as before.  So there would be 3-4 non conference, 3-4 cross divisional, and 5 divisional games.  Either way I am all for getting back to 12 teams.   Those grant of rights are going to start expiring soon, but I suspect it won't be soon enough for ESPN.

The idea of super conferences may start looking better especially for the blue bloods and powerhouses, and guess who looks ripe for taking?

We Don’t See Things As They Are, We See Them As We Are - Anaïs Nin

I would love both Nebraska and Missouri back in the Big 12, but I really would like to stay at ten teams. The round robin in football and double round robin in basketball is great. The bigger conferences with just can't do that and it offends my sense of symmetry.

Long time listener and have loved all these talks about Nebraska getting out of the Big10 and back into the Big12. The Big10 seemed like a great idea, but cutting ties to the midwest has clearly been a detriment to Nebraska Athletics. Gone are the days that you can take a simple car ride to an away game. Yes Chicago has many Husker grads and a game at Northwestern is a defacto home game most years, but we have lost many of the regional aspect of who we are.

Thanks for chiming in @wishfulhusker! Where do you think the rest of the Nebraska fan base is? Would leadership ever admit it made a mistake and come back? Or will ego not allow it??

Much like every media / Twitter post shows, the fan base is SOOOOOOO polarizing. I know when we moved east, many of the programs were perceived down and the fear of the LHN loomed pretty large. I am sure we did not anticipate the fact that Wisconsin would beat us at our own formula, the rise of Purdue and consistency of Northwestern were no where near the front of leadership's mind. The way Iowa St has shown that they are hanging around on a yearly basis, and the potential Kansas St consistency under Coach Klieman have many wishing for days of old.

Clearly the only big name program that has continued at a high level is volleyball.

I was hoping that with the craziness of this Covid world, we would see a return to regional schedules. Obviously, the research $$ is what drives the decision, but support is all over the place in the athletic program, and with the uncertainty of attendance, Lincoln has taken a big hit. This is no different than the other college towns, but with these huge losses in $$, Lincoln would benefit to host those regional Big12 contests. To me, it seems like everybody benefits. But, logic is not what drives these decisions.

That's unfortunate to hear @wishfulhusker! Really wish there was more support for Nebraska coming home. I also think it'd be great to have them playing K-State, Iowa State, OU, Texas etc again!

Check out this article I wrote on it:

Can you circulate that in some Nebraska message boards and/or Facebook groups, etc and let me know what kind of feedback you get? Would be curious!

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