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Bob Huggins On His Call With Darian DeVries: ‘Now is a Bad Time for Me’

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This past weekend, former West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins hosted his 12th annual Fish Fry and helped raise nearly $700,000 for cancer research.

Local media attended the event and asked Huggins about West Virginia’s recent hire of Darian DeVries. The answer that the ever-candid Huggins gave was a bit odd, even for him. It was enough to raise quite a bit of concern among the West Virginia fan base.

“I don’t know enough to say anything. I’m not trying to duck the question, I don’t know enough. [DeVries] called me and I tried to explain to him that now is a bad time for me,” Huggins told WDTV 5. “Because I’ve been in southern West Virginia, I’ve been in northern West Virginia. I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been everywhere trying to help the people in the state of West Virginia. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to see what I can do to help the people in the state of West Virginia.”


It was an unusual response, but I have to appreciate the honesty from the former head coach. During his introductory press conference last month, DeVries mentioned that he’d spoken with some former West Virginia head coaches about the job.

“I got a couple [coaches] on the phone, exchanged some text messages,” DeVries said. “Excited to get their input on the program and the success they’ve had here.”

Huggins was arrested in June of 2023 for driving under the influence of alcohol, leading to his resignation a few days afterward.

“My recent actions do not represent the values of the University or the leadership expected in this role,” Huggins said at the time. “While I have always tried to represent our University with honor, I have let all of you – and myself – down. I am solely responsible for my conduct and sincerely apologize to the University community – particularly to the student-athletes, coaches and staff in our program. I must do better, and I plan to spend the next few months focused on my health and my family so that I can be the person they deserve.”

Since then, Huggins had made headlines on several occasions, including the time that he recently lobbied for himself to land the job at Louisville.

It’s clear that Huggins wants to get back on the sidelines, but his time of doing that might be behind him after the events of the last year. Still, it’s hard to fault the guy for wanting to do what he was clearly born to do. Who knows, if he can stay sober for a while and get back into the good graces of the public eye, a program might be willing to take a chance on him. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

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