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Look: GameStop to Sell EA Sports College Football 25 ‘Homecoming Pack’ for $155

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

College football fans are a different breed. The outcome of a Saturday contest might set the precedent for how the week will go, maybe even the month—or for some, the rest of the season.

We are entirely too passionate about a sport that has no tangible impact on most of our lives. Sometimes, that passion explodes with inexplicable joy when things go right. However, when things go wrong, there are not many forms of heartbreak that compare.

Yet, when it comes back around every year—like Michael Scott of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company—we are ready to be hurt again. And you’d better believe we’re willing and able to fork over money hand over fist to support our addiction.


The problem is that companies like GameStop are on to us. They know how much we care, and how much we’re willing to sacrifice, and because of that, they can make announcements like they did on Wednesday.

College Football 25, EA Sports’ first college football video game in over a decade, is set to shatter the sales records set by the previous iteration of the game. The game is available for pre-order now, and will officially release on July 19 (July 16 for pre-order).

The standard edition of the game can be purchased for $69.99, but a Deluxe Edition ($99.99) and MVP Bundle with Madden 25 included ($149.99) can also be purchased for pre-order.


On Wednesday, GameStop announced that another version of the game will be made available for purchase: The College Football 25 “Homecoming Pack.”

“Celebrate the Spirit of College Football with EA SPORTS College Football 25,” the announcement reads. “Preorder and purchase any version of the highly anticipated EA SPORTS College Football 25 game from participating GameStop, and get ready to elevate your game day experience! Introducing the exclusive Collector’s Edition College Football 25 Homecoming Pack—a must-have for every die-hard fan.”

So, what’s included in this “Homecoming Pack?”

Here’s what is inside, straight from GameStop.

  • EA SPORTS College Football 25 Branded Locker Replica: A detailed miniature locker, perfect for showcasing your love for college football. This collector’s item is a unique addition to any fan’s memorabilia.
  • EA SPORTS College Football 25 Replica Athletic Jersey: Our high-quality jersey lets you gear up and get excited, making you feel like part of the action.
  • EA SPORTS College Football 25 Branded Official Football: Get your hands on an authentic football featuring the EA SPORTS College Football 25 branding. Whether for display or play, it’s a fantastic keepsake for any fan.

For Playstation users, there is a $75 PSN card that will allow players to buy the game on the PlayStation Store. For Xbox players, a digital version of the game will be included.

If you are a die-hard College Football 25 fan, this is the bundle for you.

Will you pre-order this bundle? If the answer’s yes, you’ve got to be a serious fan, and that means you’ve got to join our forum page to connect with other CFB25 fans! Sign up at the link below.

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