With SEC talk, Bob Stoops is just playing politics

Everytime Bob Stoops pokes the bear, everytime he says something that lights up Paul Finebaum’s show, everytime Stoops dares not wave palm branches at the SEC, he hears about it.

Sometimes, it’s from the Harvey Updike family of football minds. But sometimes, Stoops hears plenty of “attaboys.”

Stoops’ coaching colleagues, both in and out of the Big 12, have rallied around him in private after his occasional jousts with the SEC. “More than once,” Stoops said this week. “More than a few.”

That’s because college football coaches understand Stoops’ mission. He’s not trying to be the sport’s Macho Man. Not trying to get his name on ESPN. Not trying to be the 21st century version of Fort Sumter.

Stoops is just playing politics.

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