Was this really the right time to talk about Big 12 officiating?

The biggest shot didn’t come from inside Boone Pickens Stadium. It was fired from inside a classroom.

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard had enough when he saw yet another controversial call— this time a two-yard Oklahoma State touchdown run — go against the Cyclones. After 37-20 ISU loss, Pollard delivered a roughly two-and-a-half minute speech full of harsh comments directed at the Big 12 officiating, all but coming out and saying the refs are out to get the Cyclones.

The problem is this wasn’t the time or place to make such claims, in a game where the call didn’t impact who won. I can understand Pollard’s remarks coming in a game like the Texas one last year where there is a controversial call late in the game.

Not when Oklahoma State scored 37 of next 44 after ISU took a 6-0 lead and won easily. The call didn’t impact which team won.

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