A day in the life of Clint Bowen

The sign outside the door of room 140A at the Anderson Family Football Complex simply says “Conference.” But make no mistake about it, the room belongs to Clint Bowen. At least for the time being.

This is not a dictatorship by any means. But Kansas University’s interim head football coach clearly is in control of everything related to Kansas football these days. From injury updates and academic reports each morning to installing game plans and inspiring effort at practice each afternoon, Bowen has his fingerprints all over the program that has held a firm grip on a corner of his heart for as long as he can remember.

Three games and four weeks into his new role, the 42-year-old Bowen is maximizing every minute of his shot to prove he’s the right guy for the job. And with five games remaining in the audition, there’s not much room in the day-to-day operation for wasted time.

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