Texas Tech transfer Baker Mayfield won’t be playing Saturday, but his presence looms large over the matchup

A two-time walk-on quarterback who isn’t even playing Saturday looms large over Oklahoma’s visit to Texas Tech.

A year ago, Baker Mayfield was a darling for the Red Raiders, having won the starting quarterback job to become the first true freshman walk-on to start his team’s season opener in major college history. A little more than a year later, Mayfield is spending this week emulating his former teammate, Davis Webb, as the Sooners’ scout-team quarterback.

Mayfield was eventually placed on scholarship at Oklahoma, though his appeal for immediate eligibility was denied after a long back-and-forth with Tech concerning his status.

Just like he was against TCU and former Texas Tech offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie, Mayfield will be on the Sooners’ sidelines in Lubbock, Texas.

As an ineligible player, Mayfield can’t travel with the team so he’ll make the drive to Lubbock, likely with teammate Joe Palange, to join the Sooners.

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