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LeBron James on Trae Young: ‘He better go pro’

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It’s been a rough stretch for the Sooners basketball team. They’ve struggled in recent weeks, especially on the road, and Trae Young has had a handful of off nights. But if you thought that these struggles meant the star freshman point guard might come back to Norman for his sophomore season, think again.

The King has spoken.

LeBron James is in OKC to play the Thunder on Tuesday night and he told reporters that Young “better go pro” once his freshman year comes to an end at Oklahoma.

LeBron didn’t just emphatically say Young should go pro, he mocked the idea of Young even considering not turning pro, comparing it to his decision to wake up in the morning and brush his teeth.

Despite some struggles recently, Young leads the nation in scoring (29.5 ppg) and assists (9.4 apg).

Of course, LeBron entered the NBA in 2003 when players could still make the jump directly from high school. Frankly, it would be better for players and college hoops if we could turn the clocks back on this rule. The one-and-done has done nothing but muddy the waters for recruiting and deny kids with the skill set an opportunity to go pro. And for those who argue you prevent guys from being busts who go pro too early? Maybe, but at least they have millions in the bank (which hopefully was saved wisely) and will still have a full life ahead of them. OK, that’s my one-and-done rant for the day.

But yea, Trae Young, you should probably take LeBron’s advice. Peace.

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