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Big 12 Football Mailbag: Who is the Dream Non-Conference Opponent for Each Big 12 Team?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Christian

Here is part two of this week’s Big 12 football mailbag. Enjoy!

@Kberh68 asks: You are stranded on a desert island with two Big 12 head coaches. Who are they and why?

Duke: Damn I wish Kliff Kingsbury was still in the Big 12. He would probably find a way to get some alcohol and women on the island but since he isn’t an option, I will go with Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell and Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy. I like to eat, and drink and those two guys would be my best two options if I planned on living for awhile on an island. They would be able to gather supplies better than I can and I am sure Mike Gundy would be excellent at carving a spear and spearing some fish with it. The same goes for Matt Campbell who I feel like would bring the positivity needed on a long stay. Plus, both look like they don’t eat or drink much which means more for me.


@SethLDow asks: Pick the dream non-conference opponent for each Big 12 team.

Duke: If I had it my way, here is what I would like to see.

Texas: Texas A&M

Baylor: Someone other than an FCS school


Texas Tech: Any Pac-12 school that is decent so I can see a late-night shootout before I call it a night.

Oklahoma State: I guess another Pac-12 school? This one is tough. Feel free to give me a suggestion here.

Oklahoma: Nebraska

Kansas: Missouri

Kansas State: Vanderbilt or Boston College due to the styles.

Iowa State: Iowa (Duh)

West Virginia: Pitt (Bring this back!)

@SethLDow asks: Find the worst uniform each team has worn since Big 12 formation and then rank them for us.

Duke: I hate to do this, but this would take me all day looking through uniforms and me being a lazy bum, I would have to do a lot of research if you wanted my honest answer. Plus, I am sure even if I did look at all these uniforms that someone would come up with one that I missed and then this whole thing turns into a mess. I have my favorites but at the end of the day, I care about the football more than what the guys are wearing. Sorry to be a drag here but I may have to save this one for one of those “There is nothing to write” weeks when I have more free time on my hands.

@woody5211 asks: Do you think Matt Campbell didn’t hire an OC last year because the plan was for Tom Manning to come back all along?

Duke: You guys know I love me some Matt Campbell and at this point, I will not second guess or question anything he does right now. He is an outstanding coach and without a doubt one of the best coaches in the entire country. He could tell me that eating flies would help me sleep better and night and I would believe him. Hell, I may run through a brick wall for that man if I had some alcohol in me.


@OKTXARPoke asks: Which new Big 12 football coach is most likely to find success the earliest but get fired the fastest?

Duke: Go back and read yesterday’s mailbag and you will see my answer. I think Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells will be the first coach fired as of right now. In his last four years at Utah State he went 25-25 which at a small school isn’t very good in my eyes. He was way too up and down for me during his tenure there and I have a hard time seeing him have good success at Tech. Now, I do have Tech making a bowl or even going 7-5 this season which would be a small step better than what Kliff has done over the last few years. With Alan Bowman healthy at quarterback, this team has some potential. Buti still have a hard time seeing Wells be the head coach still after three seasons or so. Maybe he proves me wrong but I am not crazy about the hire.

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