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The Sooners Still Have the Best Odds to Win the Big 12 Conference

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma

Despite the fact that OU is tied for last place in the Big 12 at 0-2, the Sooners are still the favorites in Las Vegas to win the Big 12 Conference in 2020.

How? I get giving OU the benefit of the doubt, but this also might say just as much about the bettors’ lack of confidence in the rest of the Big 12 as it says confidence in the Sooners. Oklahoma has lost to Kansas State and Iowa State in back-to-back weeks, with the Texas Longhorns on deck in the Red River Rivalry.

Here’s a look at the odds from


Odds to win the 2020 Big 12 Title (10/6/20)

Oklahoma                                 2/1       

Oklahoma State                        11/4     

Texas                                       3/1       

Iowa State                                7/2

TCU                                          10/1     

Baylor                                       14/1     

West Virginia                             16/1     

Kansas State                            18/1     

Texas Tech                               150/1   

Kansas                                     750/1   

If I were looking for a value bet, I’d dive all in on TCU at 10/1. Max Duggan might be one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the Big 12 Conference right now with the way he’s playing, and you know Gary Patterson is going to have that defense getting better every week.

I’d also consider some coin on Oklahoma State at 11/4. People will start waking up to the Pokes here in the next couple of weeks. That defense is the real deal.

Meantime, OU at 2/1 is not a bet I would feel really comfortable with right now, as they already will lose tiebreakers against Iowa State and Kansas State, if either team is in the mix at the end of the season. But most importantly, OU still has games against Texas this weekend and Oklahoma State in front of them.

So it’s not unreasonable to give OU a good chance, but 2/1 seems too generous. That being said, when you’ve won the Big 12 five times in a row, you get the benefit of the doubt.

And what’s with Kansas at 750/1? Did they leave a few zeros off there? Like several zeros, not just one or two. Ouch.

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