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Oklahoma Named the ‘Most Annoying CFB Fan Base on Twitter’

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma

It looks like it’s time to put some salt in the wounds for OU fans with Oklahoma officially being named the most annoying fanbase on Twitter by the college football podcast, Unnecessary Roughness.

While this may be a big deal for certain fans, the likelihood of one isolated fanbase owning the title of “most-hated” among all others is pretty comical considering it’s entirely based on personal opinions.


The video above features the show’s cohosts discussing which team deserves the title of most hated, and while their opinions are based on facts like the vocal outrage of the team going 5-7, and the pending move to the SEC, the Tweet below I feel best sums up my opinions on the matter.


The age-old saying the squeakiest wheel gets the oil rings true in many aspects of life including college football. If I were to rename the award, I think the “loudest fanbase” may be more appropriate in terms of what the podcast is looking for.

By poking the bear or poking the Sooner so to speak, the vocal Oklahoma faithful provide the podcast with the metrics they’re hoping for thus resulting in the announcement having the best shot at virality.

Whether you feel some type of way about Oklahoma or not, they own the title for now.

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