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Watch: Contestant Cheated Out of Win in Dr. Pepper Halftime Toss

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An absolute travesty occurred during the halftime break of the 2023 Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game with one contestant in the Dr. Pepper toss being cheated out of $100,000 of tuition money.

The contest has been a tradition at Power 5 conference championship games since 2008. It requires fans to stand 5 yards out and throw as many footballs as possible into a hole in a giant Dr. Pepper can. The winner earns an oversized check that is good for an equally massive scholarship.


At halftime of the Big 12 title game, in a match up between Gavin White of Ohio State and Ryan Georgian of Penn, Georgian emerged the winner after a second tiebreaker.

However, fans on social media quickly pointed out that a scoring error was made, noting that Georgian was wrongly credited for an extra completion in the first tiebreaker and that the contest should not have gone to a second one.

While Gavin technically emerged victorious when watching the replay of the contest, the match was awarded to the other contestant, White. After some vocal outrage on social media from various sports personalities, the Big 12 Conference and Dr. Pepper announced that both contests would take home the winning prize of $100,000.

“There was an on-field technical error, that much of America noticed, that resulted in an inaccurate counting,” Sean McDonough mentioned on the TV broadcast. “But because of the technical snafu, we’re happy to report that Dr. Pepper is recognizing both of those deserving finalists as grand prize winners. They’re both going to receive $100,000 in tuition.”

While the contest’s outcome was eventually correctly settled, Gavin found some publicity on social media at halftime due to a massive scandal among Dr. Pepper enjoyers everywhere.

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