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Jedd Fisch Gets Destroyed on His Goodbye Post to Arizona

Arizona football helmet

Jedd Fisch bolted Arizona for the opening at Washington on Sunday and his social media post saying goodbye to Arizona did not go well for him.

Fisch posted the following goodbye to Arizona and its fan base, but the Wildcat Faithful were having none of it.


Fisch got ratioed pretty hard. Here were some of the top comments.


There were several references to the alleged three-minute meeting that took place for Fisch to announce his departure to his team.

It’s never an easy break up for a college football coach who has had success like Fisch at Arizona, especially considering the Wildcats would have been a Big 12 favorite in 2024. But now, Arizona needs to find its next head coach and try to move on and prevent as many players as possible from entering the transfer portal.

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