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Look: BYU Basketball Fans vs. Utah Basketball Fans

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On Saturday, it was noted on social media how Utah Utes fans did not exactly have an impressive showing for their Top 10 match up with Arizona this week. It was quite a contrast with BYU, who had a raucous crowd for its home game against unranked Kansas State on Saturday night.

Let’s check out the comparisons.


Meantime, here’s a look at BYU from Saturday night against K-State.


Now, some Utah fans have disputed that photo by responding with videos like this from that evening.

The official attendance for the Arizona game comes in at 10,944 in a 15,000-seat arena. BYU packed in 17,446 to their 18,987-seat arena for Kansas State.

Those are the numbers.

The broader point brought up by our Joe Tillery on Saturday was that it has seemed like a portion of Utah fans have been the loudest critics of Kansas City hosting the Big 12 basketball Tournament, preferring Las Vegas.

But if they won’t even pack the house to see their team take on a Top 10 opponent, why exactly should the entire Big 12 go West to meet their needs?

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