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Deion Sanders is Now Trolling Colorado Detesters on Social Media

Oct 7, 2023; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders walks the sidelines as his team takes on the ASU Sun Devils at Mountain America Stadium.

From the moment Deion Sanders took over as Colorado’s head coach, there has been drama surrounding the program.

Whether by design or as a result of having a superstar head coach, if something happens in Boulder, folks in New York City know about it within minutes.

After a 4-8 season in 2023, the expectations for Colorado are higher than they were when Sanders arrived, but most of the talk hasn’t been about what’s to come on the field; it’s been about how the Buffaloes are handling the transfer portal.


From April 15 to April 30, Colorado lost 23 players to the portal, and despite Coach Prime suggesting that the Buffs hadn’t lost anything, they’ve lost more than a couple of players who were set to have some sort of role for the team in 2024, most notably Dylan Edwards.

In the days and weeks following the portal exodus, many conversations were had in front of cameras. From Cormani McClain saying he didn’t “want to play for clicks” to Alton McCaskill’s father talking about favoritism, plenty of things were said that were relatively easy to brush off.

But, something that happened this week really seemed to strike a nerve with Deion and his son, Shedeur Sanders.

Former Colorado safety Xavier Smith recently spoke with The Athletic about how Sanders approached roster management, and was candid in how he felt the situation is being handled in Boulder.


Smith told The Athletic’s Max Olson that Sanders’ approach to managing his roster and the transfer portal was “Destroying guys’ confidence and belief in themselves. The way [Sanders] did it, it could’ve been done with a little more compassion.”

That comment seemed to spark a response from the Buffs’ starting quarterback, and it wasn’t exactly what you’d expect to hear from the face of a college football program.

The social media reaction to Sanders’ comment on his former teammate was akin to a forest fire, and it continued well into Tuesday evening.


On Wednesday morning, Primetime himself took a stand on Twitter and started handing out bodybags.

There’s no doubt that Deion Sanders knows football. You don’t have a Hall of Fame career without understanding the game at an elite level. It also helps significantly that college football is in the state that it is right now. There’s never been a point in time when college athletes were this close to being treated like professionals.

Love it or hate it, CFB is becoming more and more closely related to the NFL game, both on and off the field. You bring players in, pay them, and expect them to perform. If they don’t, you can cut bait and move on. That certainly benefits Coach Prime. However, I think people forget just how bad a program he inherited. Colorado was BAD when Deion took over. The roster was inept, the support was nill, and the expectations were next to nothing.

In a little over one full season, he’s changed all three of those things. Is he doing it the “right” way? That’s up for debate, but who can blame him for handling it the way that he is? Colorado needed drastic changes, and now, they’re definitely getting them.

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