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Big 12 Baseball: What Does Each Team Need to Make the Postseason?

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It felt like just yesterday that the season started, and now the final weekend of the regular season is upon us. With so much at stake, this weekend is very important for the postseason picture.

So, instead of doing a traditional weekend preview, I wanted to examine each series to see what each team needs to do to make it to the field of 64.

How Far Can Cincy Go?

With Oklahoma already crowned the Big 12 champions, this series is all about Cincinnati. Sure, the Sooners can clinch a hosting spot (which I think they will get anyway), but the Bearcats need this series to get into the postseason. If Cincinnati can’t win this series, they will likely need to win a game or two in the Big 12 tournament next week because their RPI, sitting at 51, isn’t doing them any favors right now.


Kansas State Needs a Sweep

BYU isn’t even going to Arlington next week, which means their season will end on Saturday. However, this three-game set is HUGE for Kansas State, one of many teams on the bubble. The Wildcats currently have a 13-14 record in Big 12 play, and honestly, they may need to sweep this series to put themselves in a favorable spot. Their RPI isn’t bad at all (37), but a sweep here could go a long way for Pete Hughes and his team.

Can Kansas Get In?

No matter what happens here, the Texas Longhorns are a lock to make a regional. While they may not be a host, they could get swept here, and it wouldn’t matter much at all. But for Kansas, this series means everything. They have an RPI in the 60’s which is a danger zone for teams trying to make the field of 64. The only thing they have that is presentable to the committee is their conference record (15-12). Adding two more wins against a quality opponent on the road will give the Jayhawks a resume boost that they desperately need right now.


Is Oklahoma State a Potential Host?

Houston is one of the three Big 12 teams that isn’t going to Arlington next week so that means this is it for them after this weekend. As for Oklahoma State, they are already in the postseason picture, but a series win here could put them into the hosting conversation. The RPI is there (18), and the conference record (17-9) is good enough as well. If the Cowboys can sweep here and win a game or two next week, I don’t see how they wouldn’t be hosting a regional come postseason time.

UCF May Need More Than a Series Win

Just like with Houston and BYU, Baylor didn’t make the cut for the Big 12 tournament so this will be their final series of the year. That means this series is all about UCF, and rightfully so. The Knights are one of the many bubble teams in the Big 12. While the RPI is good enough to make the tournament (41), their conference record isn’t the greatest, sitting at 12-14. Just winning this series may not be enough to justify a spot for them in the postseason. They probably need to sweep Baylor here and win a couple of games next week in the tournament for me to feel comfortable about them getting in on election day.


Can TCU Complete the Turnaround?

With a 17-10 record in Big 12 play and an RPI inside the top 40, the Mountaineers are a safe bet to make a regional. However, the same can’t be said for their opponent this weekend. TCU got off to a horrendous start this season, but they have turned things around since then. But with a 13-14 conference record, they really need to win this series to get above .500, and that may not even be enough to make a regional.

Texas Tech Needs a Confidence Boost

The Red Raiders are heading out west to take on UNLV and Arizona State. They wrapped up Big 12 play last weekend and finished with a 12-17 record. Luckily for them, that was enough to make the Big 12 tournament but their only hope of making the postseason is by winning the entire thing. If we are being completely honest, this weekend doesn’t mean much at all for Texas Tech.

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