For UTSA coaches, it’s old home week — sort of

Oh, what the heck, no need to keep it quiet.

“Everybody knows it,” Roark said this week.

And for this week, Roark insists this is all business with the Roadrunners on their way to Stillwater, where he played for the Cowboys in the late ’70s. Same for UTSA defensive coordinator Neal Neathery, who grew up in Stillwater as his father, Ray, taught at OSU and took him to games in all the sports.

It’s a business trip … back home.

“It is a little bittersweet,” Roark said. “I’m still a closet Cowboy fan. I really am. All sports. If they’re on TV or anything, I’m watching. I look for the scores.

“I love the Cowboys marching band. But I hope they don’t give me nightmares on Saturday night.”

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