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Dana Holgorsen’s Seat Should be Hot … Red Hot.

WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen came into this season with a slight hot seat. It started to cool off when the team started 3-0 and was ranked in the Top 25. Now with the three most recent losses, Holgorsen should be under fire again.

Losing 44-24 against Oklahoma, 33-26 vs. Oklahoma State and now 62-38 to Baylor, it’s time to reevaluate Holgorsen as the head coach of West Virginia. The team is now 3-3 with games against TCU and resurgent Texas and Texas Tech teams coming up in the next three game games. The team could certainly fall to 3-6 by mid-November.

Holgorsen is still riding the coattails of his first season when the team went 10-3 and won the Orange Bowl 70-33 against Clemson. He won that season with players that weren’t recruited under his watch.

WVU is now 21-23 and 14-19 in conference since the Orange Bowl victory. That is unacceptable and underachieving by WVU standards. Expectations are to compete for the top of the conference, not be in the middle of the league year after year.

The team hasn’t even come close to winning 10 games, including 2013 when the team went 4-8 with losses in the last two games to Kansas and Iowa State, perennial Big 12 bottom feeders, and missed out on a bowl game.

Holgorsen has been here four years, and now with a full recruiting cycle, the team has been far less than impressive. The injury to team captain Karl Joseph was a hit, but the inability to replace him shows a hole in the recruiting. The team hasn’t brought in enough depth to deal with an injury like that.

With Holgorsen at the helm, the team constantly falls apart in the second half when leading or being close enough in the first half to strike and make it a game. That shows a lack of second half adjustments and preparedness by the team, which falls on the coaching staff.

The team has had enough talent to compete, producing high NFL draft picks the last few years including Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Bruce Irvin, Geno Smith, Kevin White, Will Clarke Charles Sims all going somewhere in the first three rounds. That list doesn’t even include names like Mario Alford, and Shaq Riddick who along with many others have been drafted.

With all the players going to the NFL there is no reason for the team to constantly underachieve and fall short of what the ultimate goals are at WVU: competing to get into the College Football Playoff.

When a team like TCU joins at the same time as WVU and has done much more in the conference both nationally and in the conference, it makes you start to wonder what changes need to be made for WVU to reach that level. It’s time to take a deeper look at the head coach and wonder if he’s the main problem.

Shane Lyons isn’t the Athletic Director who hired Holgorsen and will likely have a shorter leash because he may want to bring in his own coach. Lyons came from Alabama and isn’t used to the losing. The Holgorsen hot seat should be near the max and his time in Morgantown should be limited if the losing continues.

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