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Nearly 75% of FBS Athletic Directors Believe College Football will be Delayed

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor

In a new survey conducted by Stadium, nearly three-fourths of the FBS athletic directors said they believe the college football season will be delayed and 36 percent predict the season will consist of only conference games because of COVID-19. The survey included 115 of the 130 FBS athletic directors.

“I am worried about playing a season and hope we are not selling our soul just to play a season,” a Power Five AD said. “I truly believe we will have games cancelled.” A Group of Five AD added, “One death [of a coach or student-athlete] and we will all regret pushing this competitive envelope so hard.”


Also, seven percent of the ADs told Stadium they don’t expect the season to be played at all during the 2020-21 academic year, while nearly one-third think the season will be moved to the spring.

Additionally, according to Stadium, the uncertainty has increased in recent months. Back in April, only one AD told Stadium there wouldn’t be football. Now, eight ADs are predicting there won’t be a season.

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