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Boise State Rejects AAC Invite in Hopes of Future Big 12 Invite: Report

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The conference realignment game seems to never end, especially given the state of college sports in recent weeks. And as the trickle-down effect continues following Oklahoma and Texas announcing their plans to leave the Big 12 for the SEC, an interesting tidbit involving Boise State came out on Tuesday.

According to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports, the AAC has extended invites to Colorado State and Air Force, which they are expected to accept.

However, Boise State was reportedly also in on the conversation, but decided to hold out and hope for an invite to the Big 12 Conference down the road. Norlander said that Boise State was “heavily courted” by the AAC, but that the Broncos are waiting and hoping for an eventual invite from the Big 12 Conference.


Boise State has long been talked about as a potential fit in the Big 12, but obviously that did not happen, as the league decided to add four teams in BYU, UCF, Houston and Cincinnati.

This report also comes two weeks after we learned that Oklahoma State’s President was set to visit with Boise State’s President and discuss expansion when the two teams met in Boise two weeks ago.

Voice of the Cowboys, Dave Hunziker, told K101 Radio in Woodward, Oklahoma, during their Friday Night Quick Scores program that Oklahoma State President Kayse Shrum is heading out to the Boise State game to visit with Boise State President Marlene Tromp, and expansion will be part of their discussion.


Hunziker said, “I know she [Dr. Shrum] is supposed to have a visit with their President to chat about [expansion] because I’m not sure expansion is done and Boise would probably be on that short list, if that were to happen. So yes, I think that conversation is going to occur.

Did that conversation go so well that Boise has turned down the AAC? We’ll see, but obvious Boise feels good about its future to reject a move up in conference.

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