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Lincoln Riley Addresses LSU Rumors

The Rumor Mill is a wonderful and frightening place all at once, depending on which side of the rumor you sit. Remember when Texas had stolen Nick Saban away from Alabama and lured him into Austin with a blank check? What about when Mike Leach supposedly locked a player in an electrical closet when he couldn’t practice due to concussion symptoms? That one may, or may, not have happened. I mean have you heard Leach’s interview about Sasquatch and Aliens? I would put nothing past that guy.


The latest “rumor” making its rounds on Twitter is that Lincoln Riley is inevitably headed to Baton Rouge to be the next head coach at LSU. This all started last week when Riley was not available for his weekly press conference because of a “personal matter”:

Today, one week after the message boards started flying in all kinds of directions, ESPN’s Tom Luginbill said “he would not be surprised” if Lincoln Riley was the next coach at LSU:


Of course, his source is a “gut feeling“, so Oklahoma better get to looking for his replacement:

As all good rumors do, this eventually made it back to the source, Lincoln Riley, in his press conference today. When asked how he was handling the rumors Riley had this to say:

“It’s nothing to handle. It’s pretty easy. I coach at the University of Oklahoma. You know how I feel about this place and this program. We’ve all been down this road many times before. You guys know where I stand and that hasn’t changed.”

That should pretty much wrap this one up, for now. Riley and the Sooners host Iowa State on Saturday in a must-win game if they hope to win a Big 12 Championship for the seventh consecutive year.

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