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Christian Braun Denies He Blew Kiss to K-State Bench, Teammate Appears to Believe Otherwise

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Kansas

Kansas ran away with their contest against Kansas State last night in Lawrence, winning 102-83, and Christian Braun was certainly a contributor with 20 points, seven rebounds, and five assists.

His performance was only part of the story though, as a hand gesture was what everyone was talking about after the game. Late in the second half, Braun hit a three that essentially rendered K-State helpless and seemed to blow a kiss to the Kansas State bench. Of course, he was asked about it after the game but his story was, well, interesting.


A reporter asked, “Christian, there near the end of the game you hit the three and, kinda, blew them a kiss. Did this game mean a little bit more to you tonight?”

“It’s always fun to play in, you know, playing against them,” Braun responded. “My momma sits up there, so I blew [a kiss] to her. But yeah it was a fun game. We always enjoy the little rivalry games.”

The funny part of the interview is how Braun’s teammate, Jalen Coleman-Lands, reacts to Braun’s explanation.

Not sure about you, but I’m not really buying the “blow a kiss to mom” story and neither is Jalen. However, when you beat your in-state rival by 19 you should have the right to blow kisses to their bench. Can we make that a rule?


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