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Three Former Big 12 Quarterbacks Playing in NFL Conference Championships

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The NFL playoffs are in full swing as we head to conference championship weekend next Sunday. As much as I love college football, it’s hard to not love the NFL Playoffs and after a crazy wildcard weekend, the divisional games were just as good this past weekend.

The four teams left are the 49ers, Eagles, Bengals, and Chiefs. All of them have been great this postseason and the storylines are practically writing themselves at this point. Take a look at these teams. The Chiefs are back in the AFC championship game led by Patrick Mahomes who is likely on his way to win his second MVP award. Meanwhile you also have Jalen Hurts playing at a MVP level and Brock Purdy going from third string quarterback to starting quarterback out west in San Francisco. And I haven’t even mentioned Joe Burrow, who has turned the Bengals into Super Bowl contenders.


As the games ended, I decided to turn my TV on the NFL Network. At the end of a long Sunday of football, I always enjoy watching highlights of some of the games I missed from earlier in the day. However, this time I was able to watch all four games this past weekend.

When the highlights of the San Francisco/Dallas game came on, NFL Network’s Chris Rose and Maurice Jones-Drew were talking about the last time Brock Purdy faced Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts. It ended up being back in 2019 when Iowa State played Oklahoma in a 42-41 shootout. When the score was shown, Maurice Jones-Drew made this smart aleck comment about the Big 12.


Ah, the old Big 12 doesn’t play defense take. I feel like I have heard that joke about a thousand time over the years. Look, I get it. The Big 12 used to be the crazy offensive conference that put up absurd numbers. But over the last few years, defenses have caught up and have gotten much better. Anyone who follows college football closely knows that that old and tired narrative about the Big 12 isn’t true anymore.

While I was upset about his comments on the conference I love, another thing came to my mind. Three out of the four starting quarterbacks next weekend will be from the Big 12 Conference. Jalen Hurts played at Oklahoma in his final year in college, Brock Purdy played at Iowa State and, of course, Patrick Mahomes played at Texas Tech.

Despite Joe Burrow not being from the Big 12, he does have some interesting ties to the conference. Not only was his father a coach at Iowa State, but Joe Burrow was actually born in Ames, Iowa. How crazy is that?

Want to see something even crazier? Look at this.


Just four years ago, no starting quarterback from the Big 12 ever won a playoff game. Patrick Mahomes changed that and now look at the conference. No matter who you root for or what take you have on the Big 12, just take a look at who is playing next weekend. There will be three former Big 12 quarterbacks on the field and at least one of them will be playing in Super Bowl.

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