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Keyontae Johnson’s NIL Deal Promotes Cardiac Screenings

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Kansas State

If you are still unfamiliar with Kansas State forward, Keyontae Johnson’s story by now, then you likely haven’t been watching much college basketball this season.

Johnson suffered a scary injury in the 2020 season as a member of the Florida Gators which saw the NBA prospect collapse on the court and go into a medically induced coma for the following three days. When Johnson woke up from his coma, his team of doctors revealed that he had won the fight of his life against what many call an “athlete’s heart.”


Flash forward to the present day and Johnson is one of the top players in the country and is leading the 12th-ranked K-State Wildcats in scoring with 18 PPG (second in the conference) and 7.6 RPG and can be seen turning heads at the national level.

Johnson is partnering with Heartfelt, an organization that provides cardiac screening in order to save lives from preventable tragedies such as Sudden Cardiac Death which Johnson highlighted as the “Number one killer of student-athletes.” Heartfelt says that early screenings are key to discovering heart ailments like the one that impacted Johnson.


Johnson can be seen in Heartfelt’s commercial announcing the partnership saying, “A lot of you might have known that I collapsed in a game on December 12th, 2020, but I’m beyond grateful that God gave me a second chance to play the game that I love. I’m not sure if you know, but Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the No. 1 cause of death on a school campus and is the number one killer of student-athletes.”

Johnson continued by saying, “I’m excited to announce that I have partnered with Heartfelt. Heartfelt is an organization that’s saved over 1,000 lives and helps individuals with early detection for heart issues. As a non-profit, Heartfelt needs a financial offer to help with these services. Please donate and help spread the word.”

Johnson’s story continues to inspire people around the world and with the Wildcats making a push for the Big 12 title, Johnson’s comeback story is one of the all-time greats.

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