Most Popular Baseball Teams Outside The USA

Despite its great popularity in the United States, baseball is one of the most beloved games worldwide. Gaining traction all throughout the years, many countries now have well-rounded teams. These strong teams could rival those hailing from the US. All of them took inspiration from American baseball. 

Although there are other sports, baseball stays on top of the online searches in various regions of the world. This niche sport is very popular in Japan, Dominican Republic, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. No wonder these nations dominate many leagues and world series. Also, this globalization makes it more thrilling and diverse in terms of athleticism. 

Below are some of the best professional baseball teams outside the United States. 

Yomiuri Giants (Japan) 

One team that elevated Japan to the global sports arena is the Yomiuri Giants. Deemed as well-treasured, this Tokyo-based team is the oldest in the country. Because of its success, fans regarded it as Japan’s own version of the New York Yankees. People even call it the Tokyo Giants. The two nicknames are synonymous to its dominance in major league competitions. 

Since its inception in 1934, it had its first taste of victory in 1936. That time, the team won the first pennant of the country’s pro-baseball league. As of 2023, the Giants have 22 Japan Series titles, as well as 38 Central League pennants. It also became Japan’s torch-bearer in various tournaments. Two of which are the World Baseball Classic and Asia Series. The team became the champion and the runner-up in both competitions respectively. 

Yomiuri Giants produced some of the nation’s most legendary baseball players. Shigeo Nagashima became the Central League’s MVP nine times with 214 hits in one season, making him a record holder. Sadaharu Oh made history with 868 home runs in his entire professional career. With the team’s top-notch calibre, it is no surprise that the prestigious Major League Baseball (MLB) acquired some of its players. These include Hideki Matsui, Norichika Aoki, and Tsuyoshi Shinjo. 

Tigres del Licey (Dominican Republic) 

Established in 1907, Tigres del Licey is the Dominican Professional Baseball League’s oldest team. Based in Santo Domingo, it became one of the foundations of baseball in the country. The team garnered unprecedented success, with rival teams forming only one team with carefully selected players in the country. 

Currently, it holds 23 Dominican Professional Baseball League titles and 11 Caribbean Series championships. It failed to qualify in the 2008 Caribbean Series, but, it took the place of the team that withdrew from the competition. Despite the difficulties, it managed to defeat every single competitor. Thus, winning the whole series. 

Tigres del Licey produced a host of prolific athletes. Alonzo Perry, Cesar Geronimo, Elvio Jimenez, and Pedro Gonzalez are among the biggest names in the team. Many of its players became national treasures in MLB. These count Pedro Martinez, Hanley Ramirez, Daniel Cabrera, and of course, Tommy Lasorda to name a few. 

Toronto Blue Jays (Canada) 

Being exposed to the baseball frenzy in the US, Canada has its own team in the MLB. The Toronto Blue Jays is an expansion franchise founded in 1977. It saw action in the American League (AL) and quickly became the most loved team of the Canadians. 

Despite its struggles during its early years, its rise to victory started in 1983 when it won its first season. The team became division champions a couple of years later. From then on, it ruled the league by winning five out of 9 division championships until 1993.  

Summing it up, the Blue Jays earned two AL pennants and bagged two championships in both of its World Series appearances. Wins that made them undefeated. 

Among its brightest stars are George Bell, Jose Bautista, Roy Halladay, Dave Stieb, and Roberto Alomar. Players like Devon White, Joe Carter, and John Olerud received the most coveted accolades in the league. They were also instrumental in earning their World Series titles. 

Criollos de Caguas (Puerto Rico) 

This team currently dominates the professional baseball league in Puerto Rico. Under its belt are twenty of the overall national championships and five Caribbean World Series crowns. It became one of the most successful teams to ever grace the baseball scene of the country. Among its talented players are Carlos Delgado and Ivan Rodriguez, who both played in the MLB. 

Industriales (Cuba) 

The Havana-based Industriales is the Cuban National Series’ most decorated baseball team. It represented various industry workers, thus, earning its name. The team won the National Series 12 times. It is the record holder for the highest number of games won in a season. Javier Mendez, Jorge Fumero, Lazaro Vargas, and Lisban Correa are some of its most talented players. 

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