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Watch: Viral Iowa State Basketball Fan Appears on ‘SoundOFF’

Iowa State basketball fan Jonathan Swanson

You can never really tell what is going to go viral on the internet, but we’ve seen a hilarious moment from an Iowa State basketball fan who was attempting to get under the skin of Jerome Tang a couple of weeks ago.

Now known as “Cyclone Jim Carrey” (or @IowaSwano on Twitter), Iowa State super fan Jonathan Swanson has taken the world by storm after being captured on camera haggling Tang and the Wildcats during a 78-67 Iowa State win on January 24.

If you haven’t seen the video, this GIF will get the point across.


Swanson has become a local legend at this point, and for good reason. Ever since that moment, Kansas State hasn’t won a game, while the Cyclones took down Kansas in that game that followed and took Baylor to the wire on the road, falling 70-68. There was no whining after that game though, as the folks around Ames know better at this point, or at least they should.

On “SoundOFF” with Keith Murphy, a popular sports show from the Des Moines (IA) area, co-host John Sears was feeling some disrespect and decided to “whine” about it, bringing the man of the hour into frame.

Brilliant TV.

Iowa State will be back in action on Tuesday night as they head to Austin to take on Texas at 7:00 p.m. CT. Then, the Cyclones will return home to host TCU on Saturday afternoon.

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