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Helmet Communication, 2-Minute Warning Officially Approved for 2024 CFB Season

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Albany Regional-UCLA vs Connecticut

While rule changes are not a foreign concept in college football, two changes voted on in a recent NCAA meeting will be implemented in the upcoming season.

Friday’s meeting among NCAA representatives passed a motion for college football players to utilize in-helmet communication, the use of tablets on the sidelines, and the implementation of a two-minute warning.


According to the NCAA’s official release, “In games involving Football Bowl Subdivision teams, each school will have the option to use coach-to-player communications through the helmet to one player on the field. That player will be identified by having a green dot on the back midline of the player’s helmet. The communication from the coach to the player will be turned off with 15 seconds remaining on the play clock or when the ball is snapped, whichever comes first.”

They continued by laying the groundwork for tablet use, saying, “Teams can have up to 18 active tablets for use in the coaching booth, sideline, and locker room. Tablets cannot be connected to other devices to project larger additional images and cannot include analytics, data or data access capability, or other communication access. All team personnel will be allowed to view the tablets during the game.”

The third major addition to the breakdown was the decision to implement a two-minute warning into college football.

“The panel approved adding an automatic timeout when two minutes remain in the second and fourth quarters,” the statement reads. “This rule change synchronizes all timing rules, such as 10-second runoffs and stopping the clock when a first down is gained in bounds, which coincides with the two-minute timeout.”

All three additions can be seen in the NFL, which college football’s implementation plans continue to toward. Like it or not, the NFL game has always had a major impact on college football, and these changes are further proof that that is still the case today, and maybe more now than ever.

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