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Baylor Was Motivated by Gonzaga Pre-Ordering Champagne

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Oklahoma State

Baylor guard Mark Vital said Gonzaga’s pre-game order of champagne helped motivate the Bears to beat the Bulldogs in the national championship game.

The Bears defeated the Bulldogs, 86-70, on Monday night. It was one of the most dominant performances by a winning team in recent memory, as the Bears took down the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament.

To hear Vital tell it — and he told the story to Holly Rowe and Gabe Ikard on Sirius XM radio today — one act by the Bulldogs gave the Bears all the motivation they needed.


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“So with like, that, man, I’m going to be totally honest,” Vital said. “Like, I’ve seen Bleacher Report post something about me saying that we kicked their a** for 40 minutes, something like that. The reason I said that, and I was trying to say that’s being cocky or anything like that, is the fact that those guys — that people don’t know — those guys ordered six cases of champagne before the game. You know, like, as if they won already, you know what I’m saying? Those guys already ordered stuff and had their plans and everything before the game, guys — I ain’t gonna say their names —  but certain guys were just talking trash as if they won. And then, we just had a mindset the whole game of just to destroy ’em. Just to destroy ’em, destroy ’em, play as hard as you can. And everyone — every media — it was what we talked about in every timeout.


Players will use every bit of motivation to win a game. Turns out, Baylor’s motivation came in the form of Gonzaga’s drink order.  

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