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Creed Humphrey Wants to Know the Best BBQ in Kansas City

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Former Oklahoma Sooners center Creed Humphrey was taken by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round of the NFL Draft. And like the good offensive lineman that he is, Humphrey now wants to know which BBQ spots he needs to hit up when he gets to KC.

Needless to say, if there’s one thing Kansas City knows well, it’s BBQ.

So when Humphrey threw this up on his Twitter account, Kansas City responded.


And as you would expect, the responses to Humphrey were as detailed as it gets. Check out these breakdowns.

This guy event has his own white board for Kansas City BBQ.

Some even chose to go with the historical angle.


We even got some of the top BBQ joints in town to get in on the mix, and in a very Kansas City move, they were diplomatic and suggested he make the rounds.

Regardless, one thing we know: Creed Humphrey is going to have plenty of BBQ to try when he arrives in KC. He just should take his time trying all of them, because job No. 1 is now protecting the most valuable commodity in the NFL: Patrick Mahomes.

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