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‘No Truth at All’ to Rumors Tyrese Hunter Heading to North Carolina: Report

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In today’s world of big-time college sports, the athletes run the show. The transfer portal and Name, Image and Likeness have changed the game, for better or worse, depending who you ask.

And now that the college basketball season is over, there will be plenty of movement in the sport.

One rumor that has popped up in recent days is that Iowa State basketball guard Tyrese Hunter could be on the move to North Carolina, who just lost the National Championship Game to Kansas.


However, Matt Belinson from Iowa State Daily, reported late on Friday night that there is “no truth at all” to the rumors that Hunter is leaving for Chapel Hill.

The chatter has obviously built amongst Iowa State fans, including on boards like Cyclone Fanatic, with fans understandably bothered by the prospect.

Hunter just wrapped up an impressive freshman season where he averaged 11.0 points per game, 4.9 assists per game and 3.5 rebounds per game. He also finished third in the Big 12 Conference with 2.1 steals per game. Hunter broke Iowa State freshman record for assists (172) and steals (71), while also rankings fifth in steals and sixth in assists all-time among Big 12 freshmen.


Hunter, the Big 12 Freshman of the Year, is naturally a hot commodity in college basketball, but it’s fair to wonder if the NIL/transfer portal combination has gone too far. If UNC donors can “buy” the best players from other teams whenever they want, is this really even college basketball any more? It sure won’t feel that way.

However, even rumors of this being a possibility are exactly why these issues need to be worked out with more guardrails ASAP. But of course, relying on the NCAA to do anything efficiently or in a timely manner is asking too much.

In the meantime, let’s hope these reports of Hunter and North Carolina remain just that, rumors.

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