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SEC to Explore Own Playoff Due to CFB Playoff Expansion Crumbling

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Last week, our very one Jackson Moody released a story concerning the need for the Big 12 to make their own playoff within the conference to increase exposure and the idea of automatic playoff berth to coincide with the eventual expansion of the College Football Playoff.

Well, it appears that Jackson might be ahead of the curve in thinking that the conference should have its own playoff, as the SEC is reportedly discussing that, among other things, at the conference’s annual meeting in Destin, Florida next week, according to ESPNs Pete Thamel.


While the idea of an SEC-only postseason is quite a large story, the idea is still very new, or in it’s “infancy stages” as Thamel puts it, and the scope of its impact on college football is relatively unknown.

Thamel mentions several possibilities, such as an eight-team SEC-only postseason, or a playoff between four division winners and four wild cards, if the SEC does indeed move to four divisions when Oklahoma and Texas are added.

This, of course, would increase the number of games that players would need to play in one season, especially considering that the SEC is looking at possibly playing up to 10 conference games, according to Thamel.

Essentially, it appears to me that the SEC is doing one of two things. Firstly, it could be a show of force, essentially showing the College Football Playoff committee that it doesn’t need them to have a postseason, forcing their hand to get an expansion done. Secondly, it could be a real evaluation of the future of the NCAA and the CFP and the SEC might feel it can stand on its own two feet.

Either way, big changes have been a trend in the last calendar year for college football, and it appears that more of the same could be on the way.


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