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Sooners Remain Big 12 Favorites, With Longhorns Close Behind

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas

Nothing gets fan bases worked up like preseason Las Vegas betting odds! That’s where we are with the college football world in late May. When it comes to the Big 12, most would agree it’s a very wide open year for the conference. And Vegas would agree, but the order is questionable.

Oklahoma leads the conference at +150 (meaning $1 wins you $1.50). Then it’s the Texas Longhorns at +350, followed by Oklahoma State (+500).


Oklahoma State+500
West Virginia+600
Kansas State+1600
Iowa State+2000
Texas Tech+2500

The worst bet on the board: The Kansas Jayhawks. $1 to win $10,000? That would still be the worst-placed bet in the history of sports betting.

After that, Oklahoma State is ranked too high. OSU has a ton of turnover and Mike Gundy doesn’t know who his QB is. How can they be third on this list? I think the Pokes are getting credit for their general success the past 7-8 years. Also, Texas at No. 2? No. Just no. Sorry, UT. Gotta prove it first before we give you the second-best odds in the conference. How the Mountaineers are so low is baffling to me. WVU has a Heisman contender at QB, an explosive offense and enough pieces on defense to where if everyone stays healthy, they can win the Big 12 conference. TCU is also, per usual, not getting the love it deserves, considering Gary Patterson at least returns a QB in Shawn Robinson who has played a Big 12 game (Mike Gundy does not) and has been recruiting better than Gundy and the Cowboys as well.

My order would be something as follows: Oklahoma, West Virginia, TCU, Texas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Tech and Kansas.

Then again, I’ve lost more money in Vegas than I’ve made, so who am I to judge the experts?

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