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Lincoln Riley Responds to Dan Mullen’s Excuse-Making in Cotton Bowl

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Oklahoma vs Georgia

The Oklahoma Sooners blasted the Florida Gators in the Cotton Bowl and Gators head coach Dan Mullen was full of excuses.

After losing 55-20, Dan Mullen said, “The last game this 2020 team played was eleven days ago. A lot of the guys who were out there playing tonight were on scout team most of the year. We had the numbers not to play.”

It was quit a bit of excuse making and it led to a ton of criticism, including Oklahoma Sooners radio voice Teddy Lehman calling Mullen a “disgrace to the game”.

Well Lincoln Riley finally had a chance to respond to Mullen’s comments on Friday and told the media, “To each his own. I think that’s pretty easy to say after the fact and after what happened. I do have feelings on it, but I just don’t know what I have to gain, really, with sharing those, honestly.”


That’s classic Lincoln Riley. He has never been one to air much of his grievances in the media, but if there was ever a time when he had the right to and the ammunition to, this was it.

Frankly, I wish Lincoln Riley would’ve taken his shot, but that’s why he’s always been mature and wise beyond his years and was named the OU head coach in his early 30’s.

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