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The Future of the Big 12 is Still Much Brighter Than the Pac-12

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It seems like just yesterday when all the talking media heads were going on and on talking about the potential collapse of the Big 12 conference.

While Texas and Oklahoma are still heading to the SEC, the conference was able to add four brand new members in BYU, Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF.

Despite the addition of four new schools, people still questioned just how this new look Big 12 would play out. Would they be on the same level as the rest of the conferences such as the SEC, ACC, Big Ten or Pac-12? Would they still be a power five program without their only two blue blood schools? I think it is safe to sat that we got our answer this past weekend.


On Tuesday, the ratings for the conference championship games were released and it was very interesting.

While the Big 12 had a top ten battle for the conference crown, they did it without their two largest draws as both Texas and Oklahoma were watching from home. Sure, there was a playoff spot on the line for Oklahoma State, but it is mind boggling to see the Big 12 pull almost double of what the Pac-12 did and tripled the ACC title game.


If you really want to go there, the Big 12 had two conference championship games that ranked higher than the ACC. Not only did Baylor/Oklahoma State have a better draw but so did the Houston/Cincinnati game.

But let’s focus back on the Pac-12 here. They will once again miss the playoff for the fifth straight season and will have just one team playing in a NY6 bowl game. Also, their conference champion Utah is not even a top ten team in the College Football Playoff Rankings. They were not even close to sniffing the playoff and their so-called champion was beat by BYU earlier in the season although the committee felt the need for the Utes to be ranked ahead of them.

If anyone deserved the Pac-12 title last Friday it was BYU. The Cougars beat five Pac-12 teams this season and if you ask me, they should have been the ones hoisting up the trophy in Vegas against Oregon.

Big 12 vs. Pac-12

When I go back and think about it, was the Pac-12 ever on the same level of the Big 12? While many would have argued “yes” before the season started, did anyone have a worse display of power five football than the schools out west? Remember when the season started, and we saw this?

Before conference play even began for the Pac-12, they had a total of 16 non-conference losses with five of those to the Mountain West and two of them to FCS opponents. Their playoff hopes were doomed from the start outside of Oregon, and speaking of Oregon, talk about one overrated team. They beat Ohio State week one and were held on a pedestal, then lost to a 3-9 Stanford team, before getting beat twice by Utah where they got outscored 76-17 in those two losses.


Perhaps what was even worse is the fact the nobody cares about football in the Pac-12. Nobody shows up to games and more often than not the local high school games on Friday nights draw a bigger crowd. I mean look at this pathetic pregame photo.

While Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for USC, do you really think he expected a welcoming like this?

I mean, what in the world is this? This looks like a foreign game show or something that needs subtitles. There’s no fans here or anywhere. In fact, do Pac-12 fans even exist? They don’t show up for games or anything football related so what are they doing on Saturdays?

Ah yes, who can forget about the beach that has always been near all these schools out in California? I do wonder, is this narrative still being thrown out there by the national media?

It seems awfully quiet out in Pac-12 country. If the Big 12 was going through what they Pac-12 is going through right now the national media members would be writing novels about the Big 12 dying. Instead, it’s the Pac-12 slowly falling behind as the Big 12 keeps moving ahead of them. Before the season started, I knew the Big 12 would be fine and would still be better than the Pac-12. Not only do the numbers back it up but the one thing that did surprise me is the fact that the future Big 12 is even better than I thought it would be. The talking heads can keep spewing their garbage all they want but at the end of the day, the Big 12 will be fine for years to come.

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