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Aaron Rodgers Praises Former Iowa State WR Allen Lazard

Allen Lazard

Aaron Rodgers, likely back-to-back NFL MVP in 2020 and 2021, made an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday and discussed his relationship with Allen Lazard, a former standout wide receiver at Iowa State.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback of the Green Bay Packers spoke very highly of the 2018 undrafted free agent (UDFA), who has been an integral part of the Packers’ offensive attack as of late.


Pat McAfee’s show is probably one of my favorites to keep up with, simply because it is just raw content. You don’t have to worry about red tape or semantics or any of that. However, that also means things can get a little “out of hand” if you will.

Here is part of Rodgers’ interview with McAfee *NSFW Warning*.

“He’s a great human, he really is,” Rodgers says. “He’s a big-hearted, caring guy who really cares about his craft and improving. He does all the little things and doesn’t have an overpowering ego. He has a very healthy ego.”

Rodgers goes on to speak about the turning point for Lazard this season, which was in Week 12 against the Los Angeles Rams.


“He had a couple of opportunites in that game and didn’t come up with the plays. I know he was disappointed, i was disappointed, [but] we came back against Chicago the next week and i throw him a ball on 3rd-and-16. He was running a deep cross and as I threw it, it looked like one of those ‘uh-oh’ [moments], but Allen went up and made a contested catch over three guys and maybe it was that play. You’d have to ask him but I think there’s always plays in our career that give us a ‘course correction.’ . . . Since then he’s made a number of contested catches for us, big plays for us. He obviously caught touchdown 443 (when Rodgers surpassed Brett Favre in career passing touchdowns) which was awesome. . . I’m really proud of the way that Allen has responded.”

It’s safe to say that the four-year pro has made an impact on the future Hall of Famer and looks to be a major factor for the Pack going forward.

Lazard and Green Bay are currently an NFL-best 13-3 and hold the top spot in the NFC going into Week 18, where a win against the Lions would clinch the No. 1 seed for the Packers.

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