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Caleb Williams on OU Fans: ‘They’ll Always be in My Heart’

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Former Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday and discussed transferring to USC, a move that shook up the college football world around a week ago.

“About 10 years ago, my dad actually told me to make a list of schools I wanted to go to and he said No. 1, you can’t have Alabama on there,” Williams said. “So, I ended up choosing schools like the West Coast schools out here. First was USC. Dreams do come true. Next, it was obviously coach Riley and everybody else that came over from Oklahoma here. There’s a certain sense of comfort when you have people like that who you’ve been around here for at least a year.”


Williams was then asked how Sooner Nation responded to the news that he was leaving for warmer weather?

“They reacted kind of how I expected them to,” Williams said. “I appreciate all the OU fans. I love all the OU fans. All the love and support they have given me throughout the season before I was playing, before I got there, and while I was playing. They’ll always be in my heart.”

Although he signed a deal with Beats by Dre last week, Williams contends that name, image, and likeness had little part in his decision to make the move to Los Angeles.

“(It’s) a consideration, obviously you have to think about it because it is a part of college football, but not that big, not really big at all for me,” Williams said. “I’ve been fortunate enough throughout my childhood to be in certain situations in my life. So no, it wasn’t really that big for me.”

His coach, Lincoln Riley was certainly happy to take Williams from the transfer portal, not to be confused with taking him from Oklahoma, however.

“I mean he’s a talented player. You know, felt that from when I got to see him in high school,” Riley said. “Felt like he had all the tools to really be a good player. And I think most importantly, he’s confident, he’s a confident man, he works really hard at his craft. And he does a great job of bringing people together. He’s got a great feel for people and a great feel for being a leader at a young age. So he certainly was thrown into some unique situations as a true freshman for us last year and handled them well. And I think he’ll be a really positive member of this team.”


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