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Oklahoma State spring game preview: 5 things to watch

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3. How does the offensive line look under new coach Josh Henson?

The offensive line has been a wreck for years. Multiple coaches and sub-par recruiting has really been the thorn in the side of the Cowboys for the last four seasons. In 2016, the line showed progress over the 2015 campaign, finally making room for a running game and keeping Rudolph mostly upright and in the pocket. But after another poor showing on the recruiting trail, offensive line coach Greg Adkins was let go. His replacement, Josh Henson, is an OSU guy, has served as an offensive coordinator at the FBS level, and is known to be an amazing recruiter. While all that is probably great news for the future, how will the line respond to yet another coaching change? Keeping the running lanes open and Rudolph comfortable are paramount in what could be a special season. Like the cornerback spot, a grad transfer named Aaron Cochran from Cal could boost the talent this summer. Landing an experienced started to replace Victor Salako at left tackle would be a great first year plus for Henson.

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