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Look: FOX Uses K-State Mascot in Northwestern vs. Nebraska Promo

Kansas State Wildcats Mascot

Every season, we see sports graphics that don’t turn out as intended and it’s a good laugh for everyone, except for the intern responsible.

No, they likely are out of a job and banished from ever seeing the light of day again. Well, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but they probably do get quite the reprimand after a move like this one.


On Thursday, FOX Sports published an article titled “Scott Frost and Nebraska look to find footing in Ireland,” and used this as their featured image.

That is clearly K-State’s version of Willie the Wildcat, and just a quick glance or a google search and FOX could have avoided this blunder. However, I’m glad they didn’t because seeing the Kansas State mascot in the foothills of Ireland is pretty hilarious.

Here’s a look at Northwestern’s version of Willie the Wildcat, and yes, they do share the same name.

To be fair, the mascots share the same name, color scheme, and have been heavily mixed up with Nebraska of late, so it’s an honest mistake, but certainly a funny one.

Nebraska and Northwestern are set to kick off the 2022 college football season on Saturday, August 27, at 12:30 ET on FOX.

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