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Bob Huggins is Right to ‘Blast Their Ass’ If Selection Committee Denies WVU From NCAA Tournament

Bob Huggins

Bob Huggins is never one to mince words, and he certainly didn’t do that this weekend when talking about West Virginia’s chances of making the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

After WVU lost a tough game against Kansas 76-74, Huggins said, “I tell our guys I don’t think we have anything to worry about and I will blast their ass as far and as long as I can if they (tournament committee members) don’t let these guys in the tournament after years and years of: ‘Play a competitive schedule. The best teams are the teams that play the best strength of schedule.”


Huggins and the Mountaineers are 16-13 overall and 5-11 in Big 12 play after Saturday’s loss. The Big 12 Conference is considered, by far, the best and deepest college basketball conference in the country, and Huggins clearly believes that should play to his team’s advantage.

“We have far and away — it’s not even close — the best strength of schedule in the country, no question. If that doesn’t mean something to the committee shame on them,” Huggins added. “Not just that. I think if you look at our scores, … we deserve to be in the tournament. You know they give you all that B.S. about: ‘Play a strong schedule. You (should) play a strong schedule.’ Well if they continue to tell you to do that then by (gosh) they ought to hold up their end of the bargain,” Huggins added.

Everything Huggins has pointed out is accurate.

The Mountaineers have four Quad 1 wins and rank in the Top 30 in the country in NET rankings, which is one of the top benchmarks used by the NCAA Tournament selection committee. In fact, seven of the 10 Big 12 teams are ranked in the Top 30 of NET rankings.


Also, according to the strength of schedule rankings, the Mountaineers are ranked No. 5 in the country, and half of the Big 12 is ranked in the Top 10.

The Mountaineers have two games left in the regular season with two opportunities to pick up a Top 25 win with Iowa State on Monday in Ames before ending the season at home against another Top 25 tema in Kansas State on Saturday.

Now according to Joe Lunardi’s latest bracketology, the Mountaineers are currently one of the “last four byes”, which means they are one of the last eight teams in the NCAA Tournament.

If the Mountaineers don’t make the NCAA Tournament, Huggins will have every right to blast their ass/butt/backside, or whatever word you want to fill in. Regardless of your word choice, it would be a catastrophe for college basketball to leave this team out of the Field of 68.

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