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Mike Gundy Suggests Cutting Beer Prices for Kansas State Game

The Oklahoma State Cowboys host the Kansas State Wildcats this weekend, and if Mike Gundy has his way, Boone Pickens Stadium might consider cutting their beer prices.

Gundy was talking with the media this weekend and, in typical Mike Gundy fashion, he came up with one of his brilliant, off-the-cuff ideas.

“You have two 3-0 teams. You’re going to have a six o’clock game. The weather is supposed to be perfect. Should ahve a huge tailgate, a lot of people to “The Walk”. Maybe we need to reduce the beer prices so so many of them don’t go out at halftime and drink. We need to get it where they can buy it in here to keep it going. But anyway, I would expect it to be a big crowd and it to be rowdy and for them to do a good job on Saturday night,” Gundy said.


“Mike Gundy unfiltered” has been pure gold this week, as he also called out what he perceived to be the “crooked refs” following the Boise State game on Saturday. Oklahoma State won the game 21-20, but there were some questionable calls late in the game that understandably upset Gundy.

Despite a 3-0 start, the Pokes haven’t played a complete game yet this season, but Gundy is hoping that changes on Saturday against the No. 25 ranked Wildcats.

The good news is that Oklahoma State’s rushing game came to life on Saturday thanks to Jaylen Warren, who piled up 218 yards in the win. But now they go up against a Kansas State defense that only gave up 25 rushing yards to Nevada.

With all this being said, it should be a great game, and for the Oklahoma State faithful, if Boone Pickens Stadium cuts beer prices at halftime, some fans might be ready to erect a statue of Gundy before the clock hits 00:00, and that would be win or lose!


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